SD Card Contents


Contents of the SD card or location of the files on the SD card.


If that is a question I think you may need to rephrase it.
Not sure what you want to know.


Where can I find the contents of what I should load my SD card with?
I’m trying to set up my machine to print my first print, but can not find a How to Start type procedure. I thought the content of the SD card would help direct me.


on the menu scroll to print from SD card.
Look for the test print file, and run it.
I don’t know the exact name but it may be the only file on the card. Found it - see below -

Everything should work correctly by its self for that file.

When you start using your own files or thingverse files make sure your slicer adds the start and end gcode.
Just search in the forum for the exact directions.
Good luck!!

File name is: test-print-hollow.gcode


Read through this thread also: New user guide

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