The laser cut MDF Y carrage and possible replacements


One reason I’m looking at the wilson2 is that I’m trying to avoid any MDF in the build.
Is the carriage compatible with some of the Aluminium, plastic or steel carriages I see available from other sources?


I’ve designed that thing some months ago :
I can’t test it, but maybe someone else tried it already.


I sent this file to a friends machine shop and he machined it from 4mm aluminum plate. It is basically the original file with some very small adjustments and uses the Y-table-10.stl printed part. If you are in Australia I could get a price to get one made and posted as he has the file stored ready for another one on demand.

AndreQ’s part looks like it would work but I found on his 200x200 version plate on my Wilson II frame it sat too low on the Y axis bearings and hit the front end plate.

I made a quick adapter to raise it. So if you use AndreQ 200x300 design you may need these parts… including the belt attachment.


Oh! Yeah on my Wilson TS “thing” I explain the need for those :

I didn’t find any 10mm version tho. Your adapter seem like it’s a nice replacement.


Thanks for the info. I’ll of course build it with the MDF and get it working…then see what I can manage about the carriage.


I’m still not happy with my mdf bed! :frowning:

I’d love if your mate could do an estimate for a 430mm*430mm bed, still using the stock Y Table printed part (or the dimensions therof)?

Posted to 2615 Canberra :slight_smile:

edit: if it wasn’t clear that reply was for @ant0ny


@Squid Squid So you are using the STD Wilson II printed part called Y-table-10.stl but a 430x430 hotbed?

Just need to know 2 things:

The hole pitch for the Bed Holes to fix to the plate and are they 3mm. I’m assuming 430 is the outside dimension of the bed.

The distance from the rear hotbed to the flat that trips the Y axis end switch. To double check maybe the rear to the closest fixing of the Y-table-10.stl holes. That actually might be a better measurement.

I’ll do you a DXF and upload it anyway as a starting point for you.


Yup using the std Y-table-10.stl

Actually I am currently using 4* 215mm pcbs as my bed heaters so hole-hole pitch is 430mm hole to hole. Outside dimension is whatever is needed on top of that.

(Although my next iteration might be a silicon bed stuck to the bottom of the build plate, so I can reduce weight.)

I’m at work and can’t measure, but I kept the build plate edge the same distance from the y-table as a stock 200*300mm (essentially just extending the length of the ‘frog legs’!).


Ok cool Ill do a drawing and get you to check it. Ill extend the legs equally and if you need it moved its an easy thing.


Awesome man, thanks heaps, very much appreciated. BTW where are you?

As you know shipping is a b#$tch in Aus, but I do know people who travel between most capitals.


Brisbane in the warm sun


@Squid Have a look at this and see if you want the dimension of the Y end stop and the position of the Y-table-10 holes. Might as well make it as close to your current setup as it will save you changing the firmware.

Once we have a dxf you are happy with then I will send it to my mate for a price. Don’t feel you have to commit… I just find if you send incomplete or working files to a workshop a pain, By the time you get a go ahead there ends up being confusion on which file gets cut. I always try to get quotes on a completed drawing.

Plus even if it’s not cost effective for you, you now have a drawing for a later time.


That looks awesome thanks so much!

I will have to do a measure up tonight, but off the top of my head that was the dimensions I was going for, so if I measure different tonight that is only because I got something wrong!.


Sorry for the late reply! My wife shattered her elbow needing surgery so I just couldn’t get to it before now!

Can confirm that those dimensions are indeed what I am looking for. If your mate could give me a price, that would be awesome!


Thats bad luck… hope she mends well. I’ll email him tomorrow and get back to you.



Here is your plate all done. I must say I didn’t appreciate how big it was till he handed it to me today.

Here it is with a normal 300x200 bed I got cut for @Jimmi



I’m feeling a bit inadequate now! My poor little Wilson II… /cry


But yours is probably working :stuck_out_tongue:

Part of me wished I hadn’t upsized, too many unique issues, but hopefully this will help solve it!!


That is awesome mate, where abouts are you? I think my cousin flies out tomorrow or Wednesday? I’ll see if he can make it to pick it up (and fit it in his luggage)!


Camp Mountain 4520

It’s large but also light, so I think it would go ok as hand luggage. I’ll try to see if I have some stiff cardboard to wrap it in to make it a little safer.