The laser cut MDF Y carrage and possible replacements


OK - that is a fair way from his place in Cleveland, but he does have a Job that he moves around a bit in, I’ll ask, but we might have to go with a courier :frowning:

But even if I have to pay for a courier, it will still be a bargain compared to the local quotes I got and my wife will be thrilled if I actually get things working (so I can move onto the next project)!


Ill pack it up and how about I get a postal quote I am going to the post office this arvo I will see what it would cost. whats you post code.


Thanks, that’d be great - postcode is 2615

I have sent my cousin a message, I’ll let you know if I hear from him.

How do you want me to get you cash? paypal? direct deposit?


Ill just give you my details for a direct deposit after we workout how you are getting it.


Here is my new Y carriage installed and looking sexy:

I need to come up with a better solution for my heated bed, I’m working on it!

My wife is taking the kids on a week long holiday soon, so hopefully will get a chance to make some decent progress (finally)


I also need to shift the whole y carriage back a little, but nothing drastic!


Have you thought about a silicon heat mat Squid? I just received delivery of my 220v 600w silicon heat bed but now trying to figure out what to attach it to. The intarwebs is saying some MIC6 aluminium but living in lovely ozland, this just doesn’t exist… ><

Anyone in AU found some decent alu plate to attach a heater to? Worst case I’m going to remove the 12v strips from my MK2 alu heat bed and use that.


@Squid Looks great maybe look at this mod for your setup as you are moving much more mass you might suffer from the issue I found.

@Jimmi I will email a mate about the MIC6 Alli and see it they have any laying around… I doubt it but you never know. I did email that company about drilling Borosilicate Glass sheet but no reply as yet… the more I think about that idea, the more I like the it… well if it’s possible and cost effective that is.


@jimmi - yes definitely looking at a silicon mat - it is about sunk costs at the moment, but I might have to bite the bullet!

@ant0ny - Definietly, I think my machine is going to end up similar to yours, cable chain, bowden, bigger y carriage etc :slight_smile:

But I need to get it working before I can upgrade!


I think one of the improvements to this design would be to rather use pillow block bearings instead of the cable tied bearings on the carriage. There is noticeable play/wiggle with cable ties


I got the heated bed and top deck physically installed last night, looking very solid, much better than before.

I have a few updates to make and then have to wire them up, hopefully will get a finished pic tonight, or over the weekend!

I will need to do the carriage as per @ant0ny’s but not immediately!


Bit of progress :slight_smile:

I am happy with the heated bed now, and I unclogged the extruder and have it feeding nicely so I am on the home straight!


A super Monster build!

be interesting to see if you get much deflection from the X carriage. If you do find too much rod flex you could go Bowden and reduce the X carriage weight by heaps.


Or go with this
or this
and keep it light and direct drive.

Have not tried them myself but I intend to once I decide to try a dual extrusion setup.


couple of neat ideas there.


By chance does anyone have the drawing for the 300x200 bed carriage, i am having to get an aluminum one cut out as the weather is causing some warping to the plywood on my printer. the dxf files i found on github wont open in the CNC cutter software for whatever reason.


Looks like I’m a bit late to the party, but I finally got sick of the sagging MDF Y carriage so I made one out of some old G10 i had laying around - 200x300mm

I can post the DXF if anyone wants it


I’d like the DXF please.


Here’s the DXF / etc.


Thank you! Now to find some one who can cut this for me.