The laser cut MDF Y carrage and possible replacements


Hey, any idea if this would be able to be retrofitted?

It’s quite a bit cheaper than I could get anything cut for.


The centers of the bearings is the correct pitch so yes this should fit the Wilson II. You will need bearing blocks which are cheap.

For the belt instead of using printed blocks to hold the GT2 belt I now use 2x M5 Bolts and 4 M5 nuts… drill 2 the holes 7mm off the center of the plate and 10 to 15mm apart. Cut the bolts so the head of the bolt is just below the line of the belt run from front to back ad lock them with the nuts.

Then just make 2 loops in the belt ends with zip ties fixing the loops and put over the head of the M5 bolts.

You will have to make sure the position of the bolts allow full movement of the Y axis without hitting either end,


Awesome, thanks! Is there anything preventing me from simply bolting this aluminium to the printed y carriage? I feel like that would simplify things considerably.


Yes you could just do that. When you do that do my mod to prevent extra flexing between the printed plate and Ali plate.


I have done this, and more recently the two bolts as @ant0ny suggested. I’d go with the latter, simpler/easier etc and see his comment re the flex.

Both will work, but the simplest solution is normally the best.


Will that reprap Y carriage have a problem with the end stop being too far back on the bed? would it just need the X gantry moved clear forward?


It might be a problem? End stops aren’t hard to move, mine is currently mounted on a piece of an aluminium L profile, picking up the bearing. This allowed for maximum travel on my bed. I’ll print a better holder at some stage, but it is a low priority.