Trouble setting up auto-leveling in Marlin


I am still struggling to configure Marlin (1.1) and understand some parameter.
I made a video of what’s happening:

When I send G28, homing on X and Y works fine but after the Z axis is not moving and motors are vibrating and I must the lead screw to turn with my fingers (while as you can see at the end of the video, the Z axis move without any problem). I guess there is a difference in the move command when it is “a regular move” (like G0 or G1) and a “homing move”, but I can’t find what is the difference.

After hitting the endstop, the Z-axis is re-homing a second time but this time moving fine.

Do you know what is happening?
Thank you.


I would first check the stepper driver Vref to make sure that is right. Then turn down the Homing speeds and acceleration.


Yes that was it.
Thanks. :slight_smile: