What's the difference Z-Lower-Brace and power supply



I’m looking at the parts list, and I want to make a set of parts for the current Wilson II

  1. I see Z-lower-brace-1 and z-lower-brace-2, and then there is z-lower-brace-pair.stl. What is the difference?

  2. My psu-mount-bottom that I got from MJ Rice has missing spaces in the ‘grill’ and I can get my screwdriver in the work on it. The file has a complete ‘grill’, is there an updated file for the lower PSU?

Thank you

  1. lower brace 1 is one hand (either left or right) and lower brace 2 is the opposite hand. The pair is both of them so left and right in one file.

can’t answer 2 never used it.


Thanks for the z-lower-brace clarification …