Where do your heat bed wires run?


I ran my heated bed wire bundle under the left, Y axis, aluminum beam. It’s nice and out of the way down where but gets a little tight when Y goes to zero and also bunches and bumps against the timing belt at times. I haven’t noticed any problems due to my wiring but I’m curious if there is a better route.

Where do your heat bed wires run?


Great question, Rockey. I was wondering the same thing. Or if anyone has used a cable chain type thing. What’s a recommended configuration?


I just run mine straight back above the Y motor end and then around in a loop to the electronics. I’ve also tried securing them to the rear-left corner of the heatbed with mixed success. A cable chain would be better, but seems like it take a lot of space.


I added a cable chain to the left of the print bed (side where the Arduino is). It mounts at the center of the bed, runs towards the rear of the printer, then loops down and connects to one of the Z-Axis brace screws.


@TechMav, would you mind sharing a picture? Sounds like something I’d like to imitate.

I’ll have to do something different than my current wiring as the heat bed wires have just recently started to block contact with the Y axis end stop switch on occasion.


I’ll have to get a few good pictures when I get home tonight, but I would be happy to share them. I used the Prusa i3 print bed (200x300) and was able to make a couple of brackets that would bolt to the bed and to the lower frame.


Hopefully these will come through properly


Wait a minute. That is not a 3D printed cable chain! :wink: Looks good none-the-less.


I’ve tried 3d printed chain. It would never ride right, no matter how much I tweaked it. Besides, $6 for a length of chain isn’t bad.


But did you try with the awesome Wilson 2?


Do you recall the dimensions of your chain?


I’m running 10mmx15mm chain. The X-axis is using the ends that came with it, the Y-axis is using printed ends.


That looks great, TechMav. Do you mind sharing the STL for the Y-axis printed ends?

I’m also wondering what your X-axis chain looks like, or if you have cable chain to the extruder. Any pics?


Is the STL files for the chain ends. I’m running the wiring out the side of the board on the Arduino side, through the chain, and coming out at the Z-Axis bracket at the bottom.


I’d also like to see how your X axis chain is hooked up.


It mounts on the X-Axis end to one of the bolts holding the anti-backlash nut, goes across, and loops down. The other end is mounted to the print carriage.


Hello TechMav.
Just read abot your wire run and thanx for the advices.
Im just starting on my WilsonII and is finished with the Y-axis and read about your anti-backlash nuts…

Where didi you find these ??
Have been looking for some that is working for the lead screw´s…

Would appreciate tips


I got the anti-backlash nuts from http://www.robotdigg.com . I get most of the electronics from there.


Will order from there.
Did an order a month ago and missed these…