Wilson 2 build with multi-material (in Europe)?


Hello all

I’m looking to get started with my first domestic 3D printer, and I find Wilson 2 appealing. I like the open approach and that the design is true to the original RepRap principle of a self-replicating printer: you can make it with nothing more than off-the-shelf parts and parts printed on the printer itself.

I am looking to make a version of Wilson 2 with an extended print bed, which seems simple enough, but I also want to be able to use soluble support material. I have looked at some options for this and I quite like the Original Prusa i3 MK3 MMU2 module. I wondered if this is compatible with Wilson 2? If not, would it be advisable to build a Wilson 2 with Original Prusa i3 MK3 circuitry in order to gain compatibility, or would that not work with the extended print bed?

Since the Wilson 2 kits seem to be available only in America, can anyone recommend a UK/EU supplier? Shipping from the US to the UK is a little expensive, but import taxes add a lot more to the cost of doing this, which makes it somewhat prohibitive.

As an aside, I do have quite a lot of experience with professional 3D printers and CAD packages – but the domestic/hobby market will be new ground.

It’s a nice bonus that there is a significant community around this printer and I look forward to learning and contributing.