Wilson 2 firmware


Hey guys!
I’m really close to finishing my first wilson 2, just need a few more bearings that seemed to have gotten lost on their way to me…

I’m currently trying to figure out which version of marlin i need to use – the files i printed sport the pinion rack z probing system and i think i understand most of whats going on here, but finding the one definitive firmware that has these things configured to some extent is really not happening for me right now.

I downloaded the marlin 1.1 version Mr. Rice has on github, but at a glance this doesn’t seem to have any customization regarding the actual Wilson 2 hardware anywhere in it.

Anyone able to give me some pointers on how to proceed acquiring firmware and possibly what to take into account if i need to vanilla with marlin?

Thanks in advance!


Okay so i had the wrong branch selected on github… my bad!