Wilson 2 z rods popping out



I’m sitting here waiting for the post office to send me a notification that my my 10mm linear rod bearings would finally be at the post office. I’m the meanwhile i had replaced the x and z rods bearings with plastic abs bearing analogs that i found on thingiverse.

They did an ok job and i managed to print a benchy that didn’t look half bad and some other stuff. I noticed half-way in my enthusiasm that my z rods kept popping out of their sockets at the bottom and that my whole… x/z (?) configuration had a decent amount of inwards tension. I haven’t managed to keep the rods in the sockets since then and now im just re-adjusting the motors and couplers and all that to try and have everything sit in its place a bit more comfortably. I noticed theres probably around 15mm of extra space in the top hat of the z axises for the linear rod and i was planning on filling that with sugru and letting it sit for a while and then forcing the top back on. (Let it sit for a while to become less adheasible but still malleable).

Anyone else having these issues and how did you work them out? I also have a roll of copper tape i was thinking of using since thats stiff but still comforms to give a bit to create a snug fit.

I realise the plastic bearings probably create too much upwards lift with their friction even with the copious amount of RC CAR bearing lubricant i had sitting around.


I had that short Z rod issue on my first Wilson. Easiest way I fixed mine was to get bluetac make a ball and put it on top of the rod and a small ball in the bottom hole and slot it back in and it should stay… you will have to just guess the amount. I was actually trying to find 2 spings to put in the top but when I saw the bluetac I though I’d “give it a go”.

I used copper tape as well to make the rod a better fit… maybe the advantage of the way it is, you can remove the rods and X/Z carriage without removing the too much but I don’t think this was the design intent.


I think i managed to fix most problems today, got the metal bearings in place and stuffed some filling in the rod holders and things really seem to be going nice now.

A lingering issue is the z offset that i can’t seem to get right no matter what. Right now its printing very close and beyond the glass and i can’t seem to find a value that works. Any ideas of a process for this?


My method maybe not for you I tend to make the Zoffset close and tend to be a little high (as in more + to zero than negative) I then use the Z offset feature in Cura (Lulzbot edition) or S3D and adjust a negative offset till I get the first layer right.

If you are adventurous you could try to use the Baby Steps feature in Marlin… I have not done this but it comes to mind as I was just asked about it a day ago.

Here is a good explanation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bESi8-3bjeM&t=1s


Thank you, i managed to make a beatiful print giving my ultimaker 2+ a serious competition after manually adjusting the value and redoing the print over and over. Was not a smooth process but it worked.
I have s3d so i’ll try and see how to get it done like you described


@viliny I too had the problem with the Z axis rods popping out. Solved with some spring washers and a little bit of fettling.


Nice, i ended up slathering sugru over the rod holes and sides and everything seems pretty good now. I’m not sure i could tell wether they’re still seated or not though if it happens with all that mass around the holes :slight_smile:


I had a couple of buttons magnets that were the right diameter to snap onto the end of the rods. They stay in place now.


good idea but watch for iron dust sitting on the shaft. you could be collecting all the iron in dust which will get into the bearings and increase wear.

Hey… this is a long shot but I remember an issue with shafts used in Mars about 15years ago when was working in England. They where somehow magnetized and caused bearing failure… this is a different scale but your comment triggered a memory, despite how much alcohol was consumed in the late 90’s.