Wilson II Plus 50


I’ve just finished my modded Wilson II with a width and height adjustment of +50mm.

I did this for 2 reasons and the first being with just 300mm Z leadscrew I only ended up with about 170 -180mm which was a bit of a problem when you started a new print and the Z wanted to raise for the Z probe clearance. Plus I added a smart extra cable routing which reduced it by another 10 or 15mm.

The second was to just get all the 214mm of the Bed in X but also if you accidentally go X0 you end up smacking the Z probe into the bed if you are low enough.

The Z mod was easy enough as I found a supplier with 350mm Lead screws on eBay and X just needed longer 2020 extrusion and smooth rods as well plus a longer GT2 belt.

As I was building a new frame this was not a problem. If you doing an upgrade to an existing frame you need to think about wires as well.

My cutting List:
X 2020 Aluminum extrusion 380mm x3
Z 2020 Aluminum extrusion 450mm x4
Y 2020 Aluminum extrusion 500mm x2 (same as original)

X smoothrod 440mm x2
Z smoothrod 374mm x2
Y smoothrod 500mm x2 (same as original)

In the Config H file:

'#define X_MAX_POS 200- change to 250

#define LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 15 - change to 40
#define RIGHT_PROBE_BED_POSITION (X_MAX_POS - 15) - change to (X_MAX_POS - 40)

The only small problem I have is when I slice a file and print it is 25mm off set. which is weird as when I do home and bed level it is doing it on center.

ATM I am just offsetting it in the slicer Simplify3D but there must be a fix in marlin.

I’ll add some pics soon.

Wilson II and Marlin 2.0

I am building another of my Plus 50 version of the Wilson II’s. I’ll post a few pics as I go. I got around the offset in S3D and Cura but never was able to get the offsets to work directly in the firmware.



Hi ant0ny.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am in the process of building a Wilson II with a 300x300x250 build area. I have ordered all of the parts except the plastic components and I noticed the snazzy alternative filament reel holder on your design. Are you able to share the CAD or .stl files for these? I like the display enclosure as well but I think I have seen the .stl files somewhere for this already. This is my first Wilson II and rather than build directly from the files Martin has published I am trying to incorporate the best modifications that people have come-up into this project.




The filament holder is so far my favorite, the only issue is with small and narrow filament spools like the 200gram spools but for normal 1kg spools this works the best by fare… here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1862509

For the Wilson II the over hang needs a little work as if you go up to the maximum height the cable management starts to catch so I will mod this again soon to allow for this.

The enclosure I will put up on Thingi as I have just recently made a change and I’m pretty happy with it now. I think my remix is a little better than the one I modified for the mounting. My bracket could be better.

I am just building one of these again myself so I will post any new changes.


@ant0ny - this is indeed an excellent mod.

With respect to your 25 offset, it would seem to have something to do with the increments of LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION and RIGHT_PROBE_BED_POSITION from 15 to 40 (as the difference is 25). Yes, I know it is obvious, but I thought that I would mention it anyway…

Just out of interest, why can’t you leave LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION and RIGHT_PROBE_BED_POSITION set to 15?

If you haven’t solved this issue yet, you may like to ask for a solution to this issue on Stack Exchange - 3D Printing. I’m sure that someone there would know the answer. I am tempted to post the question myself, but I would not want to appear to be plagarising your work.