Y Axis / Bed Improvement


I was getting a vibration noise with rapid travel movements in Y and for a while I suspected a bearing was failing. After some investigation I noticed this problem, the Y Axis Carriage plate was flexing away from the bed plate.

I guess my plate being Aluminum it was amplifying the noise.

My fix was simple enough but I think this needs to be added to the main part Y-table-10.stl to ensure future problems.

This also effects the belt tracking as the more tension you apply to the best the more it deflects and the more the belt misaligned on the motor and idles pulleys.


This might be the solution i was looking for with the Y axis issues I’ve been experiencing. will do the modification to my carriage tonight and see how the prints will turn out.
Thanks a ton for posting.


Added the same screws, only difference is i am still using the plywood bed. got rid of most of the vibrations i have been hearing.

two thumbs up on this change, might try to make some alterations to the part to add in the nut holders like the other 4 screws have.


No probs… I have had a few people comment about this mod on and off these forums. So it definitely works for some people… I did contemplate using 3M double sided tape but decided against that, if I was to ever take it apart that would be messy.

Marty might add it to his list for the next round of updates.