Y Bed - Place to purchase?


Does anyone know where I can purchase a Y Bed that will work with a stock Wilson II 200 x 300 bed?


@James.Beam You mean the MDF spider? You don’t say where you are based.


I am in the US and yes I believe that is what I mean lol - had to look at it to realize it kind of looks like a spider.


If you need both the MDF mounting bed and the PCB heatbed, you can buy both from Marty’s Tindie shop. https://www.tindie.com/products/mjrice/pcb-heatbed-for-3d-printers-200-x-300mm. In the purchasing options you can add the MDF.


Thank you! I had no idea this store existed.


I didn’t see the mdf on Marty’s store
I had one printed in carbon fiber pla and it seems to work