Z and X Rods conversion


Hi friends,
Hope ya all doing all right!
I was building Wilson TS then I changed my mind to build the Wilson 2 for its better frame structure. Now I’ve already printed Y mount and Idler which I can use it with 8mm rods for Wilson 2
Now my question is that I really want to use 8mm rods for the rest of the assembly and i know Wilson 2 is using 10mm rods. Reason I have to rebuild it with 8mm is that i only have access to 8mm and I don’t have the budget to get 10mm anymore.
Marty mentioned I can change the x-end in opencad , but the problem is:

  1. only x-idler is in the collection
  2. Z mount and Z top holder also needs to be changed too.

Is there anyone here that rebuilt this with 8 mm and can help me out?



Or you could make an sleeve adapter that that fits the 8mm bearings into the 10mm Wilson II parts and 8mm to 10mm sleeve to fit the rods… this way you can upgrate the X carriage later with 10mm rods and bearings if you find the 8mm bowing too much with the weight to the extruder etc.

You can just draw and print the sleeves or if you have access to a lathe turn them in wood. plastic or aluminum.

Just a thought.


I was thinking about that, but it’s not easy to come out that tight and fit .
I’ll give it a try.
I really hope someone already have a remix of this so i can use.
I have afew other printers, they all use 8mm on all parts, never had problem with cariage weight or movement on them.


If you where to print them what you would do is design them the same as the way Marty has where it’s 90% cylindrical and if you look at the bearing there is a cerclip grove make a ridge in your design to match that.

what you will find is generally a factory built printer has very good high quality rods but what you buy from ebay and others can be less than good and less than straight… but I have found the bigger the diameter of rod the straighter it seems to be.