Z axis leadscrew support Mod


This something that has bugged me for a while and although I think it will help I’m after feedback and thoughts on this idea.

As some have read and tried Marty’s new upgrade part replacing the springy coupler with a printed one. Since then a few of have gone to full aluminium coupler with the same result as the printed but with a better or more positive mechanical grip on the shaft. I personally had the printed couplers slip.

Now although this works reasonably well I think as higher speed printing I am getting vibrations transmitted into the print.

So to go full circle again I am thinking of re using those springy couplers but in the way they are supposed to be used.

Here is my first attempt of a solution.

So my thoughts are the bearing takes the load of the X carriage and the springy coupler drives the Z axis and my hope some of the vibration and acceleration and deceleration in Z at high speed print is partially absorbed.

I would just run the leadscrew through the bearing and into the coupler to eliminate another chance of issue but at the moment I am just using a printed adapter. I am going to make a aluminum one as well to test, so people could upgrade without buying new leadscrews.

Any thoughts, ideas, anything I have missed?


Printing your z axis alignment too now was looking for something like that


Let me know if it needs to be better in any way or maybe wider for a better hold.


Will do as soon as I get home from work


Ok checked them out they align nicely i cant see any wobble on the lead screws im doing a test print now


@anth0ny any chance you can post the stls somewhere? I have the pillow block bearings - and keen to trial this as a solution.

I am having big problems with the lead screws not behaving in the springy couplers, my z-probe repeatability is shite, and I am sure it is causing random z shifts while printing. I am guessing the extra size and weight of things on a big build is seeing this problem a bit more exacerbated.

Good news - I should have enough length in my rods to use them without the adapter.


@Squid Bam and it’s done… lol


@Squid might be another option

I looked at adapting this to a Wilson at one stage.

I even drew up a version that had the Z motor under the Yaxis/Bed and driving left and right to each side… too many ideas and not enough hours.


I was thinking about that, maybe just disconnect one motor, and run a pulley across the top. Would probably need a tensioner too?


Thanks, you’re a champ! Hopefully get it going over the weekend, and I’ll post results.


actually yeah that might work. Use something like the bearing support from my mod at the bottom… there is already a bearing holder in the top plate… maybe a color and a washer for thrust and do like a spring loaded set of lever and pulley like a bike chain tensioner off the 2020 top bar.

quick and dirty but might just work.


Or what about something like this:

Could use that exact motor mount, or replace the motor with an adjustable idler?


did you guys see this design?


Good find.

Personally I would forget about the Z axis nylon bush idea and just use the Extruder carriage wheel setup for each Z axis and you have a winner.