Z motor issue with brand new kit


So I just got a wilson II the latest revision. I believe I am having a issue with a stuck or dead Z motor. Below is a video of what the printer is doing. The left side motor I can turn with my hand with out issue with the power off and the right side motor I am unable to easily turn with out power to the motor. I doubled checked the motor wiring and double checked the height of the x axis assembly on and have it so they are level. Any thoughts or suggestions ? @mjrice by the way awesome job on the packaging!


Try removing the upper bearing on the z-axis shaft that is hard to turn manually. I had severe binds with the bearings installed. I removed both sides and the z-axis shafts were free AND I found no impact on my printing.


Yeah, I found the issue was the screen that holds the idler arm in place on the x axis. Just need to figure out why my bar that flips the z stop switch up and down is off by about 5mm when it goes all the way to the right and doesn’t flip up.