Z-Safe Homing Issues


My heated bed PCBs are sitting in an aluminium L channel on either side of the tray, but unfortunately this causes interference with the servo arm and hot end on homing. My problem is that the Z safe homing only raises the Z axis after it has homed x and y, which doesn’t help me!

I notice that the main marlin branch has corrected this so it raises Z before homing X, and I am happy to make the changes in my own repository but…

Question for Marty: I was just wondering what you strategy is for keeping your branch up with the latest changes from the marlin? I don’t want to manage a massive merge to my repository every time I want to add a feature from either your branch or the main one.


My plan was (is) to merge my changes in periodically to get any other improvements in the main line, but my git-fu is not that great so I haven’t tried to do it yet.


I’m a Microsoft dev so I am well versed in TFS - and I know the theories behind GIT but I have never used it in anger (that will change as we are moving to GIT on TFS at work soon).

Have you considered sending pull requests to get your changes into the main? I like the visual endstop hit display, and I am sure others will.